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Building Blocks of Peace 2021

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BBOP 2021 – March – Engagement & Reflections

NOTE — the monthly Session recordings will be posted here 2 days following the training and you will receive email notice when they are available

We are grateful that you are participating in the Building Blocks of Peace 3-month training flow (Mar, Apr, May) + 3-month mobilization efforts (Jun, Jul, Aug) this year. These sessions and homework assignments are designed to encourage learning, call forth action, and inspire reflection and personal growth. Each month, you can complete the next "Engagement & Reflections" form, a total of six parts (Steps). Upon completion of the entire process, you will be recognized by district leadership and will receive a certificate of completion from the collaborating organizations which can also count as Prior Learning Assessment credits at North Park University.

  • Spiritual Gifts exercises will cause you to reflect and help you learn about your personality and gifting. Please choose at least one to explore and complete:


    Gifts Survey (ChurchGrowth.org)

    SHAPE Assessment

  • This prayer & action events hub is a resource for sharing prayer & action — you and your organization can add events as well. Submit Events
  • Who are three people in your community that you want to connect more deeply with? What are your plans for talking with them this month?
  • What is something you learned this month? What is something you were encouraged by? What is something you are motivated to do?
  • What questions do you have for the Building Blocks of Peace collaborative team? We will do our best to follow up and answer questions at future trainings

Thanks for doing your homework this month ;) Return again next month!

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